Miss Stephanie

Human Resources Latin America

Stephanie, Executive Latin America Legal Counsel is on Retainer for EViHoldings INC. and specifically to EViROCKS. She is currently extending her legal education in Colombia South America and had over 6 years’ experience in business and property law. Stephanie began working with EViROCKS in Colombia South America, early 2020. She is works directly for and supports the executive office of CEO/Dr. Edward N. Maltass, and his Executive Secretary of Alejandra Valencia. Her focus is on expanding the legal knowledge and facilitating legal processes in the Latin American expanding division. EViROCKS focuses on merging Big Data, Technical Chart analysis, and Emotional Intelligence; thus giving birth to “Isabella” their AI (Artificial Intelligence software) miracle. Stephanie, not only advices the CEO on legal matters within Latin America, but also travels with the executive team in order to expand her own legal knowledge in participating countries where investment and technical conferences occur. Stephanie is a key problem solver. If obstacles come her way, she is extremely resourceful at finding a practical solution. We are lucky to have her on retainer.