Letter To Invest

Dear Investor,​

As wealth manager, EViRocks (a subsidiary of EViHoldings Inc.) invests with a unique method in mind. The money that we manage is not ours alone, it’s also your hard earned money and it needs to be protected from your predators.

The money that we manage belongs to people in dozens of countries who seek to not only keep up with inflation, but also keep it safe during times of corporate mergers, hostile takeovers, new business partners, government or economic collapse, accounting firms, or during personal relationship separations.
We have a great responsibility, not only with the corporate institutions that invest with us, but also with individuals alike.

Many of our investors have experienced these type of risks in their businesses and in their lives; and as such EViRocks has taken on the responsibility to create an extremely diversified investment which consists of: 20% growth stocks, 20% High yield safe dividend stocks, 20% in income properties, 10% in Gold, 10% in Silver, 10% in Inverse SPY Indexes, and 10% in other unique opportunities.

EViRocks, also manages these investment with strict corporate and individual privacy rules by selling investors private wealth bonds, redeemable at any time (minimum 30 day initial retention policy).

Because these bonds are private; neither predatorial entities nor potentially hostile individuals will be able to view or access those funds.

Increasingly, investors are realizing that there are many more risks to their assets than those commonly discussed on major financial news outlets.

EViRock’s management team is always listening to our investors and creating a mote around your assets in a diversified manner to protect against major losses, while simultaneously looking for ways to grow the fund.

When governments crashed in Greece, Venezuela, and Egypt; our investors slept well at night knowing they were invested with EViROCKS. Many of our investors were able to pick up and move to a safe haven, pull out their funds and start a new life abroad.

EViROCKS charges an annual management fee of 2%; this 2% is charged regarless of profits or losses and covers registration, reporting, & transactions fees. On profits, EViROCKS charges 20% of profits, and if the fund breaks even or has a loss during a given year – we at EViROCKS do not receive a single dime; only the 2% management fee.


Example: Assuming a $50,000 account. At time of deposit, a 2% fee is charged. In this case, EViROCKS would receive $1,000 USD as the annual fee. Fast forward 12 months, and the EViROCKS fund earns 27% on growth, or $13,230 USD in profits. In such a case, EViROCKS would receive 20% of the $13,230 profit or ($2,646 USD) and the client would receive $10,584 USD.


Why do we charge 20% on profits? Because we have to cover our costs of upgrading our (AI) artificial Intelligence software – named (Isabella), and pay our analysts who review all (AI) decisions prior opening a highlighted new position or closing a losing position, and at years end the accounting costs are extensive. EViROCKS, does not profit from our clients, we use the fees to cover costs of employees, accountability, and new research.


If any loss is incurred during a market correction or a down year, EViROCKS ONLY receives the 2% annual management fee.

This fee structure drives EViRocks to profoundly reassess risks constantly and value the assets under management.
Given that capital markets and hostile financial situations occur instantly, our Artificial Intelligent algorithms, alert our financial managers on new ways to protect the assets under management.

Due to the markets currently being overpriced, and because our clients are looking more for asset protection than that of high gains; our strategy is a diversified investment dispersed over various different asset classes.

EViRocks has performed over 250 back tests during some of the worse market crashes in history, and when markets drop 50%, our fund has incurred losses of under 18% and recovers much faster due to a mathematical formula which forces EViRocks to hold a certain percentage of inverse asset classes that sky-rocket (to our benefit) – months after a market crashes.

Business and Life have risks, be ready for all of the risks around the corner

Life has more risks, than the average market correction, and we at EViRocks, focus on strategies that take all business and life risks into consideration.

Testimonial from a client

In a letter sent today to our clients, EViRocks announced additional investments that were added in order to further diversify against a major market correction. Among them: the purchase of a small percentage of our holdings into Fine Art, Antique Cars, and a Pawn Shop.

One of the most important questions we always ask ourselves is this “will our clients’ funds be safe no matter what?” The answer to that is a resounding YES and it is paramount to our team, of always looking for and designing multiple motes of safety around each sector that we invest in.

Greater privacy for shareholders

We believe that all investors need to have their information kept private. For security reasons, none of our accounts are created by name, rather by three separate account numbers that must match up at the time of withdrawal or of additional investment, plus a series of questions that only the owner is aware of.

Protect whats yours

You’ve worked hard to acquire what you have, so have the foresight to build a mote around your castle of assets, by entrusting EViRocks Protection Class Investment into your portfolio.