Edward N Maltass

Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Edward N Maltass, CEO of EViHoldings INC. and all associated subsidiaries, is an executive with over 20 years’ experience in Technology, Artificial & Emotional Big Data Intelligence, and process improvement.


Dr. Edward has enjoyed a long career working for some of the best companies around, including: The Department of Defense, United Technologies, Motorola, Tivoli Systems, IBM, the University of San Diego Health Systems, he holds a large equity position in Fundrise.com, and is currently the CEO of EViHoldings Inc.; an asset management company.


Dr. Edward knows what truly drives process improvements and intelligent automation. During his tenure at IBM, and at the University of San Diego Health Systems; he quietly worked on slowly amassing a small fortune, while fine-tuning his AI investment software that he calls “Isabella” to focus on one strategy and one strategy alone – asset protection, by improving probabilities of financial success.

Under his leadership, the firm has grown form a small niche fund, into a global leader in investment and technology solutions helping investors find a safe haven, in an uncertain world.

Dr. Edward holds a Masters in computer science from Washington Institute, a Black Belt in Six Sigma, a Doctorate in Philosophy, and a Doctorate in Massage & Naturopathic Medicine.
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