Human Resources Latin America

Alejandra, Human Resources of EViHoldings INC. for Latin America (Bogota Colombia) and specifically to EViROCKS is proficient in personnel recruitment and management with over 4 years’ experience; and with a focus on improving the adaptability of human resources.

Alejandra began working for EViROCKS in Colombia South America, early 2020.

Her focus is on the further development of creating individuals and teams that are versatile, in order to strengthen the organizational teams.

Our goal is to constantly transform, grow, & innovate, our company and our people, through improved processes and improved technologies globally.

We seek to implement environment platforms and systems that can facilitate processing and improve value.

Alejandra is passionate about leading, networking, motivating, listening, inspiring and above all improving the lives of those we hire. She has excellent communication and social skills and is our guiding light with our employees.