ABOUT OUR Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Edward Neville Maltass is Founder, and Chief Executive Officer of EViRocks and EViHoldings Inc. our parent company. He and his partners founded EViRocks in 1997. A few years ago, under his leadership, the firm solidified its niche in keeping assets safe for investors worldwide

Today, EViRocks is trusted to manage more $15 Million USD worldwide to a select few investors. Dr. Maltass has used his computer science background and quietly amassed more than $4 million USD in the past few years.

During his career, his focus and love has always been in asset management and investing. His other focus was on preserving wealth for himself and others. This drive started a vision in EViRocks having laser focus on one strategy and one strategy alone; keeping our investors funds safe from any existing or potential predators.

His Linkedin profile can be viewed here: www.linkedin.com/in/p23ngf ‘