Diversified Investments Hidden from Your Prey

EViRocks manages a diversified fund of top notch investments, in order to keep your funds stable, hidden and secure from predators.

We put true diversification at the core of our investments

EViRocks focuses all of its effort on managing one strategy and one alone, that of true diversification among best-in-class assets.
Our mission is clear; ‘To safeguard our clients assets no matter what’

EViRocks Security Investment

While most investment firms diversify within a certain sector, or purchase stocks in multiple companies; EViROCKS, uses a sophisticated AI algorithm to divide our holdings within a unique blend of investments.

EViROCKS invests equal amounts between Equities across different regions of the world, real-estate, precious metals and inverse ETFs to balance a market correction, Disruptive technology companies, art, tax liens and other investments outside of the stock market.

Truly creating a diversified and safe investment.

Stable Investment

Equally distributed investments that are truly diversified:
• Across countries,
• Across equities
• Across precious metals
• Across real-estate, and
• Across other unique holdings

Our holdings are not just meant to create growth, rather to protect your investment against major market corrections, and from life and business predators

Artificial Intelligence

EViROCKS has developed an AI algorithm using BIG DATA. Every 30 days, our software reviews all of our holdings, and rates them from a BUY, HOLD, or SELL.

We call our AI Isabella, and she is always learning. Isabella takes one of our holdings at a time, she then searches all global news content and using a linguistics emotional dictionary designed by our CEO Dr. Edward N Maltass, she ranks each word within all news feeds and weighs the positive or negative tone on that investment.

If the analysis is negative, she places more weight on SELLING that position. Along with the linguistics algorithm, she analyzes all data related to other analysts’ considerations on that particular holding and scans through all technical analysis, as well as every possible known candle-stick pattern.

The end result is the highest probability ranking available to date.


EViROCKS, is constantly attending investment and technology seminars at a huge research cost to our firm. We believe that in order to stay ahead of other firms, we must always be on the lookout for the latest trends. Once we spot a trend, our team takes that information and feeds it to our AI Isabella to do the heavy data crunching.

Human intervention with AI calculations means that we simulate hundreds of possible iterations and choose the best probable outcome.